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Latest classes

Class Days
Using OOP in JavaScript
Use private and public functions and variables
Simple JS Gallery Plugin
jQuery plugin to display images in a gallery
JavaScript Advanced Table
Display and edit in place data in HTML tables
Spritesheet Animation Manager
Animate graphics using CSS sprites
JavaScript Pixel Plot
Calculate coordinates of lines, curves and shapes
JavaScript Timed Functions
Call sequence of functions with given time delays
Animate slideshow images using XML configuration
HTML5 AJAX File Upload
Upload drag and drop files via AJAX
Secure JS
Validate text values to detect unsafe characters
JavaScript Cookie Set and Get
Store and retrieve values from browser cookies

Featured Classes

1. E-mail validation
Validate e-mail addresses using NodeJS
". jQuery HTML5 Websocket or AJAX Chat
jQuery Chat plugin using Websockets or AJAX
3. Slider
Animate slideshow images using XML configuration
". Slim HTML5 Audio jQuery Plugin
jQuery plug-in to embed an audio player
". Wunderground Weather API
Retrieve weather information with Wunderground API
". Loader
Dynamically load a remote JavaScript file
". Blogger Emoticons
Replace text by emoticon images
". jQuery Calx
Calculate form input values based on formulas
". Terminal Crossword
Generate a crosswords board on a text console
". Drag and Drop
Handle drag and drop events of page elements
". Move image into another HTML element
Move images between page elements
". jQuery Mask Plugin
Filter characters typed in form inputs using masks
". feedMe
Retrieve and parse a RSS feed
". SalamCast Podcast Player
Play podcast episodes from RSS feed using jPlayer
". URL info
Parse the current page URL into its components
Build single page applications
". Form Generator
Generate and layout HTML forms dynamically
". JavaScript Memory Game
Manage a memory game board
". Secure JS
Validate text values to detect unsafe characters
". JavaScript Video Cam Kit
Embed webcam video and microphone audio on a page
". Node.js Promise Redmine
Access Redmine API using Node.js and promises
". Web Notes
Manage user notes like Opera
". JS Image Magnifier
Show a zoomed version of an image under the mouse
". JS Local Storage Library
Store and retrieve data in browser local storage
". JS Rulers Guides
Place and draw guides and rulers like Photoshop
". JS TreeView Plugin
jQuery plugin to turn lists into collapsible trees
". jValidation
jQuery plugin to add validation to form inputs
". jQuery AJAX File Upload
jQuery Plugin to Upload file with AJAX and iframe
". JavaScript Lottery Number Generator
Pick random lottery numbers within a range
". AJAX Multi-Level Menu Creator
Edit and generate HTML for multi-level menus
". ySpeed
Convert speed between km/h, mph and knots
". bzChess
Manage and display a chess board game
". Regular Polygon Generator
Generate and draw regular polygons on a canvas
". cmbn
Generate combos of JavaScript code served via CDNs
". QR code
Display QR code images using the Google Charts API
". Skype status
Show and update the online status of a Skype user
". Fuzzy Logic
Simulate controllers that work by fuzzy logic
". GMap 3
jQuery plugin to create Google Maps
". jfUnit
Test the quality of JavaScript code
". Converter Array To JSON
Convert arrays or objects into JSON strings

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