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Class Author Days
jQuery Create Slug from Text

Change a text string to make slug to use in URL
By Iran 0

Manage the creation of worker processes
By Poland 1
General purpose library of objects
By Germany 2
JS Merge XML
Merge XML documents from strings or DOM objects
By Estonia 2
AH JavaScript Password Strength Check

Calculate and display the strength of a password
By Switzerland 6

Send files to users cloud storage accounts
By Bangladesh 6
jQuery plugin to generate canvas, audio and video
By Spain 10
Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
By Latvia 12
jQuery Mask Plugin
Filter characters typed in form inputs using masks
By Brazil 13
JS Filer

Display and manipulate a HTML treeview control
By Estonia 13
Automated Screenshot Diff
Capture and compare page screenshots
By Brazil 14

Manipulate data in localstorage or sessionstorage
By Canada 14
JavaScript Cryptographic Chat
Chat system that exchanges encrypted messages
By United Kingdom 19
JavaScript HTML Tree

Create a tree view of HTML elements inside another
By Brazil 21
Animated Placeholder Text

Show animated text as placeholders for text inputs
By The Netherlands 27