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Class Author Days
General purpose library of objects
By Germany 4
jQuery msgbox
Show alert messages of many types in page elements
By France 6

Module to handle forms with Angular.js
By India 6

Build reactive Web user interfaces
By Ukraine 13

API client to access netDB databases
By Mexico 14
jQuery plugin to load linked pages using AJAX
By France 15
jQuery Annex
General purpose functions missing in jQuery
By Germany 16
Advanced jQuery Scroll Progress Tracker
Show side bar with the page scroll progress
By Germany 19
Advanced jQuery Read More
Truncate certain text areas with a read more link
By Germany 20
DOM Process

Traverse the DOM tree and process elements
By Brazil 20
Advanced jQuery Read More

Truncate certain text areas with a read more link
By Germany 23
Angular Google Maps Native
Add AngularJS directives to render GoogleMaps
By France 28
webfan JavaScript Intents Service Server
Register and call services to handle Web intents
By Germany 29