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Class Author Days
Observer Pattern
Manage list of observer objects
By France 6
jQuery JE5
jQuery plugin to generate canvas, audio and video
By Spain 7
jQuery Facebook Autocomplete

Autocomplete text using AJAX like Facebook
By Serbia 8
Observer Pattern

Manage list of observer objects
By France 9

Processes conditions asynchronously using promises
By Argentina 10
Node.js Promise Redmine
Access Redmine API using Node.js and promises
By France 11
Barcode and qr code scanner jQuery plugin
By Hungary 14
Store data securely using AES encryption
By United States 21
jQuery Annex
General purpose functions missing in jQuery
By Germany 22
Build HTML based user interfaces dynamically
By United Kingdom 23
Send server requests via Websockets, AJAX or XDR
By United States 28
jQuery Contextual Menu
Show a context sensitive menu help plugin
By Italy 29