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Class Author Days
Scan barcodes and qrcodes with a Webcam
By Hungary 1
Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
By Latvia 1
Evaluate asynchronous conditions using promises
By France 4
Load CSS and JavaScript files in parallel
By France 4
General purpose library of objects
By Germany 5
jQuery Annex
General purpose functions missing in jQuery
By Germany 10
jQuery plugin to generate canvas, audio and video
By Spain 14
jQuery Calx
Calculate form input values based on formulas
By Indonesia 14
Store data securely using AES encryption
By United States 16
Decoder Popup

Handle a Webcam decoder interface options
By Hungary 24
Node nmap
Scan a network for computers using nmap
By United States 26
jQuery Mask Plugin
Filter characters typed in form inputs using masks
By Brazil 26