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Class Author Days
jQuery Custom Select

Create select inputs that can be styled
By United Kingdom 0
Subtitle Downloader
Chrome extension to download videos and subtitles
By Hungary 1
Simple JavaScript Windows

Display draggable Windows on the browser
By Hungary 5
jQuery Observe

Observe element changes and invoke callbacks
By Sweden 8
JavaScript Hover Image Gallery
Switch images in a gallery when user hovers them
By Bulgaria 14
jQuery Mask Plugin
Filter characters typed in form inputs using masks
By Brazil 14
General purpose library of objects
By Germany 18
JS Filer
Display and manipulate a HTML treeview control
By Estonia 20
Store data securely using AES encryption
By United States 20
Cancellable chain of promises

Run chains of actions based on asynchronous events
By China 20

Create classes with Node.js, jQuery and JavaScript
By Sweden 23
Widget CLI
Process commands entered by the user
By Germany 25
Francium JavaScript Voice Recorder
Record user voice and encode it as MP3 or WAV
By India 26
tomloprod Modal
Create modal windows without using frameworks
By Spain 27
Vuex Examples

Example apps using Vuex state management pattern
By Ukraine 28
Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
By Latvia 30
JS Diff Viewer
Find and view the difference between text strings
By Portugal 30