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Class Author Days
Countly SDK for Node.js
Report events to be tracked with by Count.ly API
By Latvia 4
Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
By Latvia 4
Super Mario Maker Profile
Retrieve a Super Mario Maker profile
By Brazil 8
Study user interactions with a tap on screen game
By Brazil 8
JavaScript Plot Graph
Plot the values of a function in a canvas
By Brazil 8
Node Input Validator
Validate submitted input values in Node.js
By India 30
jQuery Annex
General purpose functions missing in jQuery
By Germany 32
Load CSS and JavaScript files in parallel
By France 32
JS Webdav Client
Access files of a Webdav server
By United Kingdom 64
Zebra Date Picker
jQuery plugin to let the user pick dates
By Romania 86