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Class Author Days
AH JavaScript Password Strength Check
Calculate and display the strength of a password
By Switzerland 2
HTTP server without configuration based on Node.js
By 2
JavaScript Analog clock
Display time on an analog clock in a Web page
By Switzerland 2
General purpose library of objects
By Germany 2
GMap 3
jQuery plugin to create Google Maps
By France 2
Node nmap
Scan a network for computers using nmap
By United States 2
API client to access netDB databases
By Mexico 4
Store and retrieve objects in V3ctor WareHouse
By Mexico 4
jQuery Annex
General purpose functions missing in jQuery
By Germany 4
Social Media Sharing
Create social media sharing links
By United Kingdom 4
jQuery Mask Plugin
Filter characters typed in form inputs using masks
By Brazil 8
Timeline Scroll

Scroll page to next section of a time line
By India 13
JavaScript Get Friendly URL
Create user friendly URLs entered in a text input
By Mexico 20
JavaScript Get Friendly URL

Create user friendly URLs entered in a text input
By Mexico 20
jQuery Create Slug from Text
Change a text string to make slug to use in URL
By Iran 22
Francium JavaScript Voice Recorder
Record user voice and encode it as MP3 or WAV
By India 26
Hackernews Vue

View information from Hackernews using Vue.js
By Ukraine 29
JavaScript LED Text Scroller
Display a matrix of LED lights of a scrolling text
By Spain 30