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Top downloaded packages with search tag "time"

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        Package-icon 1. WebCodeCamJS  
      Supplied by: Andras Toth <e-mail contact>
      Scan barcodes and qrcodes with a Webcam

        Package-icon 2. l.js  
      Supplied by: Jonathan Gotti <e-mail contact>
      Load CSS and JavaScript files in parallel

        Package-icon 3. D.js  
      Supplied by: Jonathan Gotti <e-mail contact>
      Evaluate asynchronous conditions using promises

        Package-icon 4. Timeline Scroll  
      Supplied by: Harcharan Singh <e-mail contact>
      Scroll page to next section of a time line

        Package-icon 5. jQuery Clock Plugin  
      Supplied by: John Romano D'Orazio <e-mail contact>
      Display a clock inside a dom element

        Package-icon 6. Date Picker  
      Supplied by: Andras Toth <e-mail contact>
      Pick a date from the calendar on a form

        Package-icon 7. Number Run  
      Supplied by: Dave Norminton <e-mail contact>
      Show a number count down or up in a page element

        Package-icon 8. Angular Moment Picker  
      Supplied by: Logik group <e-mail contact>
      Pick times and dates in Angular.js applications