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Top downloaded packages with search tag "time"

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        Package-icon 1. My Calendar  
      Supplied by: Sandro Alves Peres <e-mail contact>
      Choose a date from popup month calendars

        Package-icon 2. Countdown  
      Supplied by: Arturs Sosins <e-mail contact>
      Display a countdown to a given time

        Package-icon 3. Titanium Countdown  
      Supplied by: Arturs Sosins <e-mail contact>
      Show a time countdown in Titanium label objects

        Package-icon 4. Extended Date  
      Supplied by: Stephen Chapman <e-mail contact>
      Manipulate and format dates and times

        Package-icon 5. JavaScript Timed Functions  
      Supplied by: JImmy Bo <e-mail contact>
      Call sequence of functions with given time delays

        Package-icon 6. Canvas Game FPS Engine  
      Supplied by: martin barker <e-mail contact>
      Auto-adjust the rendering frame rate of a game

        Package-icon 7. JavaScript Analog Clock jQuery Widget  
      Supplied by: Suresh Kumar <e-mail contact>
      Use CSS rotate the pointers of an analog clock

        Package-icon 8. Notifly Basic Notification  
      Supplied by: Everton da Rosa <e-mail contact>
      Show notifications for a period of time on a page

        Package-icon 9. Zebra Date Picker  
      Supplied by: Stefan Gabos <e-mail contact>
      jQuery plugin to let the user pick dates

        Package-icon 10. JavaScript Zodiac Sign  
      Supplied by: Pierre FAUQUE <e-mail contact>
      Get the Zodiac sign for a given date