Is Wordpress Switching PHP for JavaScript? - Lately in JavaScript podcast episode 61

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The recent announcement of the Calypso project for Wordpress that is based on Node.js and React.js libraries raised some concerns that Wordpress is switching to the JavaScript language.

This was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 61 of the Lately in JavaScript podcast.

They also talked Adobe stopping to produce tools for Flash applications in favor of HTML5 and JavaScript solutions, a new standard API to access Bluetooth devices from HTML5 and JavaScript pages, Firefox marking login forms as insecure if they are processed via non-HTTPS pages, among other JavaScript related topics of interest.

Listen to the podcast now, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these and other interesting JavaScript topics discussed in this podcast.

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Introduction (00:20)

Is Wordpress Switching to JavaScript? (1:05)

Is Adobe Flash Really Dead in Favor of HTML5 and JavaScript? (11:01)

Accessing BlueTooth Devices using the Web Bluetooth API specification (13:42)

Firefox Marking HTTP Login Forms as insecure (16:26)

Deobfuscated JSLinux (23:07)

What Happens when you Turn Off JavaScript in your Browser? (26:17)

JSanity: JavaScript Sanitization library (27:48)

JavaScript Innovation Award Nominees of August 2015 (30:51)

JavaScript Innovation Award Ranking of 2015 (34:49)

Conclusion (37:21)


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Show notes

  • JSanity: JavaScript Sanitization library

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