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Gun.js: the GIT for Distributed NoSQL Databases - Lately in JavaScript podcast episode 64

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Updated on: 2016-03-23

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Categories: Lately in JavaScript podcast

Imagine a NoSQL database that can work in a distributed way like Git, so if you lose the main database in the server, you can recover it from copy running on your Web browser. That database exists, it was developed by Mark Nadal and his team, and it is called Gun.js.

The live demo of Gun.js and the interview Mark Nadal gave to Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins was the main topic main topics discussed in the episode 64 of the Lately in JavaScript podcast.

They also talked about the features of EcmaScript 2017, creating single page apps with WordPress and Angular.js, the fatigue caused by the discussions about JavaScript fatigue, Chrome Debugging on Visual Studio Code IDE, among other topics.

Listen to the podcast now, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these and other interesting JavaScript topics discussed in this podcast.


Introduction (00:20)

Interview Mark Nadal of the Gun.js Database Project (1:30)

Features of EcmaScript 2017 (37:23)

Creating Single Page Applications With WordPress and Angular.js (46:54)

JavaScript Fatigue Fatigue (51:54)

ES2016: Should the Future of JavaScript Be Developer-Driven? (57:10)

Introducing Chrome Debugging for VS Code (59:57)

JavaScript x86 Virtualization (1:05:18)

Quickly Finding the Best Packages Recommended by Other Developers (1:07:01)

Andras Toth and Hungary are the Winners of 2015 JavaScript Innovation Award (1:10:51)

JavaScript Innovation Award Nominees of December 2015 (1:12:19) 

JavaScript Innovation Award Ranking of 2015 (1:16:06)

Conclusion (1:17:33)


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