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About French Southern Territories

    Where is French Southern Territories?

    Flag of French Southern Territories Southeast and east of Africa, islands in the southern Indian Ocean, some near Madagascar and others about equidistant between Africa, Antarctica, and Australia; note - French Southern and Antarctic Lands include Ile Amsterdam, Ile Saint-Paul, Iles Crozet, Iles Kerguelen, Bassas da India, Europa Island, Glorioso Islands, Juan de Nova Island, and Tromelin Island in the southern Indian Ocean, along with the French-claimed sector of Antarctica, "Adelie Land"; the US does not recognize the French claim to "Adelie Land"

    Coordinates: 0° South, 0° West
    Map of French Southern Territories

    What is the French Southern Territories weather like?

    Ile Amsterdam et Ile Saint-Paul: oceanic with persistent westerly winds and high humidity

    Iles Crozet: windy, cold, wet, and cloudy

    Iles Kerguelen: oceanic, cold, overcast, windy

    Iles Eparses: tropical