File: pdfjs/locale/

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File: pdfjs/locale/
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: JavaScript PDF Flipbook
Browse PDF document like a book turning its pages
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 5 years ago
Size: 4,314 bytes


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@import url(ach/

@import url(af/

@import url(ak/

@import url(an/

@import url(ar/

@import url(as/

@import url(ast/

@import url(az/

@import url(be/

@import url(bg/

@import url(bn-BD/

@import url(bn-IN/

@import url(br/

@import url(bs/

@import url(ca/

@import url(cs/

@import url(csb/

@import url(cy/

@import url(da/

@import url(de/

@import url(el/

@import url(en-GB/

@import url(en-US/

@import url(en-ZA/

@import url(eo/

@import url(es-AR/

@import url(es-CL/

@import url(es-ES/

@import url(es-MX/

@import url(et/

@import url(eu/

@import url(fa/

@import url(ff/

@import url(fi/

@import url(fr/

@import url(fy-NL/

@import url(ga-IE/

@import url(gd/

@import url(gl/

@import url(gu-IN/

@import url(he/

@import url(hi-IN/

@import url(hr/

@import url(hu/

@import url(hy-AM/

@import url(id/

@import url(is/

@import url(it/

@import url(ja/

@import url(ka/

@import url(kk/

@import url(km/

@import url(kn/

@import url(ko/

@import url(ku/

@import url(lg/

@import url(lij/

@import url(lt/

@import url(lv/

@import url(mai/

@import url(mk/

@import url(ml/

@import url(mn/

@import url(mr/

@import url(ms/

@import url(my/

@import url(nb-NO/

@import url(nl/

@import url(nn-NO/

@import url(nso/

@import url(oc/

@import url(or/

@import url(pa-IN/

@import url(pl/

@import url(pt-BR/

@import url(pt-PT/

@import url(rm/

@import url(ro/

@import url(ru/

@import url(rw/

@import url(sah/

@import url(si/

@import url(sk/

@import url(sl/

@import url(son/

@import url(sq/

@import url(sr/

@import url(sv-SE/

@import url(sw/

@import url(ta/

@import url(ta-LK/

@import url(te/

@import url(th/

@import url(tl/

@import url(tn/

@import url(tr/

@import url(uk/

@import url(ur/

@import url(vi/

@import url(wo/

@import url(xh/

@import url(zh-CN/

@import url(zh-TW/

@import url(zu/