File: pdfjs/locale/nso/

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File: pdfjs/locale/nso/
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: JavaScript PDF Flipbook
Browse PDF document like a book turning its pages
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# Copyright 2012 Mozilla Foundation # # Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); # you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. # You may obtain a copy of the License at # # # # Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software # distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, # WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. # See the License for the specific language governing permissions and # limitations under the License. # Main toolbar buttons (tooltips and alt text for images) previous.title=Letlakala le fetilego previous_label=Fetilego next.title=Letlakala le latelago next_label=Latelago # LOCALIZATION NOTE (page_label, page_of): # These strings are concatenated to form the "Page: X of Y" string. # Do not translate "{{pageCount}}", it will be substituted with a number # representing the total number of pages. page_label=Letlakala: page_of=la {{pageCount}} zoom_out.title=Bušetša ka gare zoom_out_label=Bušetša ka gare zoom_in.title=Godišetša ka ntle zoom_in_label=Godišetša ka ntle zoom.title=Godiša presentation_mode.title=Fetogela go mokgwa wa tlhagišo presentation_mode_label=Mokgwa wa tlhagišo open_file.title=Bula faele open_file_label=Bula print.title=Gatiša print_label=Gatiša download.title=Laolla download_label=Laolla bookmark.title=Pono ya bjale (kopiša le go bula lefasetereng le leswa) bookmark_label=Tebelelo ya gona bjale # Secondary toolbar and context menu # Document properties dialog box document_properties_file_name=Leina la faele: # LOCALIZATION NOTE (document_properties_kb): "{{size_kb}}" and "{{size_b}}" # will be replaced by the PDF file size in kilobytes, respectively in bytes. # LOCALIZATION NOTE (document_properties_mb): "{{size_mb}}" and "{{size_b}}" # will be replaced by the PDF file size in megabytes, respectively in bytes. document_properties_title=Thaetlele: # LOCALIZATION NOTE (document_properties_date_string): "{{date}}" and "{{time}}" # will be replaced by the creation/modification date, and time, of the PDF file. # Tooltips and alt text for side panel toolbar buttons # (the _label strings are alt text for the buttons, the .title strings are # tooltips) toggle_sidebar.title=Šielanya para ya ka thoko toggle_sidebar_label=Šielanya para ya ka thoko outline.title=Laetša kakaretšo ya tokumente outline_label=Kakaretšo ya tokumente thumbs.title=Laetša dikhutšofatšo thumbs_label=Dikhutšofatšo findbar.title=Hwetša go tokumente findbar_label=Hwetša # Thumbnails panel item (tooltip and alt text for images) # LOCALIZATION NOTE (thumb_page_title): "{{page}}" will be replaced by the page # number. thumb_page_title=Letlakala {{page}} # LOCALIZATION NOTE (thumb_page_canvas): "{{page}}" will be replaced by the page # number. thumb_page_canvas=Khutšofatšo ya letlakala {{page}} # Find panel button title and messages find_label=Hwetša: find_previous.title=Hwetša tiragalo e fetilego ya sekafoko find_previous_label=Fetilego find_next.title=Hwetša tiragalo e latelago ya sekafoko find_next_label=Latelago find_highlight=Bonagatša tšohle find_match_case_label=Swantšha kheisi find_reached_top=Fihlile godimo ga tokumente, go tšwetšwe pele go tloga tlase find_reached_bottom=Fihlile mafelelong a tokumente, go tšwetšwe pele go tloga godimo find_not_found=Sekafoko ga sa hwetšwa # Error panel labels error_more_info=Tshedimošo e oketšegilego error_less_info=Tshedimošo ya tlasana # LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_version_info): "{{version}}" and "{{build}}" will be # replaced by the PDF.JS version and build ID. error_version_info=PDF.js v{{version}} (build: {{build}}) # LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_message): "{{message}}" will be replaced by an # english string describing the error. error_message=Molaetša: {{message}} # LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_stack): "{{stack}}" will be replaced with a stack # trace. error_stack=Mokgobo: {{stack}} # LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_file): "{{file}}" will be replaced with a filename error_file=Faele: {{file}} # LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_line): "{{line}}" will be replaced with a line number error_line=Mothaladi: {{line}} rendering_error=Go diregile phošo ge go be go gafelwa letlakala. # Predefined zoom values page_scale_width=Bophara bja letlakala page_scale_fit=Go lekana ga letlakala page_scale_auto=Kgodišo ya maitirišo page_scale_actual=Bogolo bja kgonthe # LOCALIZATION NOTE (page_scale_percent): "{{scale}}" will be replaced by a # numerical scale value. # Loading indicator messages loading_error_indicator=Phošo loading_error=Go diregile phošo ge go hlahlelwa PDF. invalid_file_error=Faele ye e sa šomego goba e senyegilego ya PDF. missing_file_error=Faele yeo e sego gona ya PDF. # LOCALIZATION NOTE (text_annotation_type.alt): This is used as a tooltip. # "{{type}}" will be replaced with an annotation type from a list defined in # the PDF spec (32000-1:2008 Table 169 – Annotation types). # Some common types are e.g.: "Check", "Text", "Comment", "Note" text_annotation_type.alt=[{{type}} Tlhaloso] password_ok=LOKILE password_cancel=Khansela printing_not_supported=Temošo: Go gatiša ga go thekgwe ke praosara ye ka botlalo. printing_not_ready=Temošo: PDF ga ya hlahlelwa ka botlalo bakeng sa go gatišwa. web_fonts_disabled=Difonte tša wepe di šitišitšwe: ga e kgone go diriša difonte tša PDF tše khutišitšwego.