File: dist/jPlotGraph/plot.func.linear.ui.js

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File: dist/jPlotGraph/plot.func.linear.ui.js
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example script
Class: JavaScript Plot Graph
Plot the values of a function in a canvas
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// Closure (function(){ /** * PlotGraph - Linear Function * This is a example how apply user interaction with values capture from form * * @author Leonardo Mauro <> * @link Portfolio of Leonardo Mauro * @link GitHub * @version 1.1.0 * @copyright © 2016 Leonardo Mauro * @license GNU Public License (GPL v2) * @package jPlotGraph * @access public */ /** * Function to be used in form.submit * Renew all values of PlotGraph * @access public * @var double a Value of var a. * @var double b Value of var b. * @var double xi Value of smaller x in axis. * @var double xf Value of bigger x in axis. */ function_ui = function(a, b, xi, xf){ /* Libera os eventos do 'plot' */ events.blocking = false; /* Ajustanto valores */ grafic.params.a = parseFloat(a); grafic.params.b = parseFloat(b); var x = {'min':xi, 'max':xf}; /* Plotando a função */ if(grafic.stoping) return; grafic.plot(x); }; })();