File: test/makeArray.js

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File: test/makeArray.js
Role: Unit test script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Unit test script
Class: JavaScript Multi Key Array
Set and get values from arrays using multiple keys
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Last change: Update of test/makeArray.js
Date: 6 months ago
Size: 1,086 bytes


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module("Make Array Test Module");

test( "Make Array", function() {
	var firstKey1 = 'foo1';
	var firstKey2 = 'foo2';
	var firstKey3 = 'foo3';
	var secondKey1 = 'var1';
	var secondKey2 = 'var2';
	var secondKey3 = 'var3';
	var values = ['test0', 'test1', 'test2', 'test3', 'test4', 'test5', 'test6', 'test7', 'test8'];
	var map = MultiKey();
	map.set([firstKey1, secondKey1], values[0]);
	map.set([firstKey1, secondKey2], values[1]);
	map.set([firstKey1, secondKey3], values[2]);
	map.set([firstKey2, secondKey1], values[3]);
	map.set([firstKey2, secondKey2], values[4]);
	map.set([firstKey2, secondKey3], values[5]);
	map.set([firstKey3, secondKey1], values[6]);
	map.set([firstKey3, secondKey2], values[7]);
	map.set([firstKey3, secondKey3], values[8]);
	var expected = {
		"foo1": {
			"var1": values[0],
			"var2": values[1],
			"var3": values[2]
		"foo2": {
			"var1": values[3],
			"var2": values[4],
			"var3": values[5]
		"foo3": {
			"var1": values[6],
			"var2": values[7],
			"var3": values[8]
	deepEqual(expected, map.makeArray(), "Passed!" );