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Class: jQuery Friendly Password Suggest
Suggest passwords based on what the user typed
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Basic Jquery plug-in to suggest friendly passwords to users.
Sometimes users lack of imagination when they come to choose
a new registration's password or to change their old password
on a site where they are already registered.It is also a fact
that users naturally always choose a password which they will
remember easily.This is what we call friendly passwords.

The main goal of this first version of the plug-in is :to make
easier the choice of a password by watching the text inputs fields 
they have already filled to give them some suggestions which are 
both strong and easy to remember.It also add a little image which
will help users to see the password they are typing or they have chosen.

This version has a PHP dependency for it is a part of the 
PHP Friendly Password Suggest package.But maybe the next release 
will be client-side only.

For a how to use example you can look at the file Rstest.html   
Keep in mind that the plug-in will work without the PHP files but
you won't get suggestions .Also note that the plug-in only act on 
the forms and will just return a Jquery object if the chosen Id 
doesn't refer to a form. The text inputs to watch can be specified 
by giving they id just like in example.If nothing is specified for 
this option all text inputs will be watched.
Keep in mind that the event which induces the suggestion is full
configurable and supports all available events but the wise programmer
who wish to use this package must know that bad usage of events could
lead to server crash .So the advice here is to prefer the focus,click,
dblclick or mouseenter events...

Contact me at leizmo@gmail.com or use the forum for your preoccupations.