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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/markdown
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: JS Webdav Client
Access files of a Webdav server
Author: By
Last change: Increased the size of the item buttons.
Add a `Tree` component to enable copy and move operations again. Fixes #111.
Combine path-related functions.
Ensure `HTTP` operations always return a response.
Minor changes to adhere to WebDAV spec.
Refactor code - replacing nested events with direct calls.
Added path to top of list.
Add `pushstate` when previews are opened in lightbox and `popstate` when closed. Still work to do with potentially managing the `popstate` handler for files too. Potentially addresses the main problem in #59.
Adding functional test.
Replace webpack with esbuild.
Replace Babel with TypeScript.
Replace Karma with Jest.
Replace ESLint and Stylelint with Prettier.
Date: 8 months ago
Size: 626 bytes


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  • [x] Add more unit tests for the UI
  • [x] Add end-to-end UI testing
  • [x] Move to TypeScript
  • [x] Support keyboard navigation whilst overlay is visible
  • [x] Maybe a refactor...
  • [x] Add eventMap to `Event` object. - Replaced with `typed-event-emitter`
  • [x] Add functionality for copying and moving files and directories
  • [ ] Add drag and drop tests
  • [ ] Allow uploading of directories (#48)
  • [ ] Add progress bar for file uploads
  • [ ] ReactJS implementation
  • [ ] VueJS implementation
  • [ ] Add selection checkboxes and bulk operations
  • [ ] Break `Item` down further