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Countly Web SDK Crash Test Sample App

This project has been created to generate crashes in sourcemapped files to demonstrate Countly's ability to process stacktraces that occured on uglified (minified, transpiled etc) Javascript files to point to the correct locations on their original source files.

To build the main javascript file (which also produces a sourcemap file), run:

npm run build

You can observe that webpack packed our src/index.js file and our countly-web-sdk dependency into a single file dist/main.js. It also produced a sourcemap file dist/ which contains the contents of all the files it packed into dist/main.js along with information on how original source files are mapped into their final form, so we can later tell where an error occured on the original source files.

To symbolicate errors on Countly you need to navigate to `Improve > Errors > Manage Symbols` on your Countly instance and upload your symbolmap there, making sure the application version you enter there matches the application version you pass to the Countly Web SDK in src/index.js.

Then you can navigate to static/index.html on your browser and click the error buttons to fire off some errors and send them to your Countly instance.

Now, to symbolicate them, navigate to Improve > Errors > Overview and find the error that goes something like `ReferenceError: undefined_function is not defined` and click on it. Then click the Symbolicate button to symbolicate it and see that the symbolicated stacktrace lines point to the correct positions in the original source files.