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Class: icfb Photo Tag
jQuery plugin to tag user-defined picture areas
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icfbPhotoTag - Photo Tagging like on facebook jquery plugin

== Overview ==

This plugin provides you functions which you can use to develop photo tagging aplication like facebook already has.

Plugin parameters are:
 boxClass: 'icfbPhotoTag' - class you can used for css styling
 boxWidth:120 - initial box(tag) width on new box creation
 boxHeight:120 - inital box height
 minBoxWidth:80 - minimal box width
 minBoxHeight:80 - minimal box width
 borderSize:2 - use this to specify box border size
 onMouseOverBox: function(data) -  data is in format { title: 'title', id: 'id', obj: jqueryobject, coords: coordsOfMousePointer, boxClass: options.boxClass } . This method is called
 when plugin is in "view" state and mouse pointer is over some box
 onMouseOutOfBox: function(data) - callend in "view" state when mouse pointer lives box
 boxes: [], - boxes passed to plugin on initialization. array is in format [{id: 10, x1:1,x2:90,y1:10,y2:90,title:'Igor Crevar'},{id: 20, x1:40,x2:130,y1:10,y2:100,title:'John John'}];
 status: false - dont change this in this release

Create icfbPhotoTag on some jquery object(s) with:
var obj = $('#id_of_a_image');
 After that you can acces some public methods of a plugin:
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.view - put plugin in viewing state - so you can see all tags all together
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.edit - put plugin in edit state. Now you can move , resize already added tags(boxes)
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.add  - put plugin in add state. Now you are adding new box. If you call it with  obj.icfbPhotoTag.add(false) new tag(box) will not be added automaticaly - stop editing/adding.
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.cancel - stop editing/adding but revert all changes maded
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.removeBox - remove box with some index - you will never use this in most cases, but you will use method bellow
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.removeBoxById - remove box by id
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.setTitleOfLast - set title of last box(tag). Use this after saving new tag
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.setIdOfLast - set id of last box(tag). Use this after saving new tag
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.getLastBox - gets last tag(box) in format { id: , title:, x1: , x2: , y1: , y2: }
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.getBoxes - get all tags(boxes) like array of  format above
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.displayBoxes - obj.icfbPhotoTag.displayBoxes(true) shows all boxes obj.icfbPhotoTag.displayBoxes(false) hiddes all
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.isNew - is plugin in add new state?
 obj.icfbPhotoTag.displayBox -  function(_id,_visible) , hiddes or shows box(tag) with id _id

 You can use this plugin for photo cropping also! but there are already better plugins for that :)