File: examples/Angular/src/polyfills.ts

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File: examples/Angular/src/polyfills.ts
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
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/** * This file includes polyfills needed by Angular and is loaded before the app. * You can add your own extra polyfills to this file. * * This file is divided into 2 sections: * 1. Browser polyfills. These are applied before loading ZoneJS and are sorted by browsers. * 2. Application imports. Files imported after ZoneJS that should be loaded before your main * file. * * The current setup is for so-called "evergreen" browsers; the last versions of browsers that * automatically update themselves. This includes Safari >= 10, Chrome >= 55 (including Opera), * Edge >= 13 on the desktop, and iOS 10 and Chrome on mobile. * * Learn more in */ /*************************************************************************************************** * BROWSER POLYFILLS */ /** * IE11 requires the following for NgClass support on SVG elements */ // import 'classlist.js'; // Run `npm install --save classlist.js`. /** * Web Animations `@angular/platform-browser/animations` * Only required if AnimationBuilder is used within the application and using IE/Edge or Safari. * Standard animation support in Angular DOES NOT require any polyfills (as of Angular 6.0). */ // import 'web-animations-js'; // Run `npm install --save web-animations-js`. /** * By default, zone.js will patch all possible macroTask and DomEvents * user can disable parts of macroTask/DomEvents patch by setting following flags * because those flags need to be set before `zone.js` being loaded, and webpack * will put import in the top of bundle, so user need to create a separate file * in this directory (for example: zone-flags.ts), and put the following flags * into that file, and then add the following code before importing zone.js. * import './zone-flags'; * * The flags allowed in zone-flags.ts are listed here. * * The following flags will work for all browsers. * * (window as any).__Zone_disable_requestAnimationFrame = true; // disable patch requestAnimationFrame * (window as any).__Zone_disable_on_property = true; // disable patch onProperty such as onclick * (window as any).__zone_symbol__UNPATCHED_EVENTS = ['scroll', 'mousemove']; // disable patch specified eventNames * * in IE/Edge developer tools, the addEventListener will also be wrapped by zone.js * with the following flag, it will bypass `zone.js` patch for IE/Edge * * (window as any).__Zone_enable_cross_context_check = true; * */ /*************************************************************************************************** * Zone JS is required by default for Angular itself. */ import 'zone.js'; // Included with Angular CLI. /*************************************************************************************************** * APPLICATION IMPORTS */