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File: JSClasses_readme.txt
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Class: JS Master Color Picker script
Pick colors from a palette
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As of MasterColorPicker version 1.9 omega / 2.0 alpha, you will now need to download support files from their own packages on this site:

=== JS_toolbucket/SoftMoon-WebWare/Picker.js === 
for <input type='picker' /> support:

=== JS_toolbucket/SoftMoon-WebWare/UniDOM.js === 
for cross-browser and high-powered DOM queries:

=== JS_toolbucket/SoftMoon-WebWare/FormFieldGenie.js ===
To support "MyPalette" and "ColorFilter":

Note that the original UniDOM (version 1) that came packaged with the original MasterColorPicker (version 1) was a rag-tag collection of functions gathered together from other scripts, was incomplete, full of bugs, typos, illogic, and mis-understandings, and therefore resembled something dug out of a kitty-litter box.
UniDOM has been re-written (version 2.0) and is now a respectable package in its own right.