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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Disclaimer
Class: jQuery Script Parameters
Retrieve the parameters of script tag parameters
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Date: 4 years ago
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?This class package is an extraction from a wider personal project called Thrak,
a sort of PHP framework for Web development and command-line scripting 

I have made my best to extract this class and cut off all of its dependencies 
from other Thrak classes without removing functionalities, so that it becomes a 
standalone package that you can freely integrate into your projects. There is 
no namespace, so that you are free to add your own one if you wish, and my own 
error handling mechanism has been replaced with standard exceptions. 
All other dependencies have been replaced with core PHP functions or, when 
needed, by methods I developed elsewhere and imported into this package.

Should you have any question or find a bug, please feel free to contact me at :