File: indexw.html

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File: indexw.html
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example script
Class: JavaScript FLV Parser
Parse and extract information from FLV video files
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Date: 2 years ago
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<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Test</title> <style type="text/css"> #inp{ display : inline; } #opt{ display : none; } </style> <script type="text/javascript"> var ind=0; var res=[]; var fileinput=[]; function change_ind(t) { document.querySelector('#out').innerHTML = ""; document.querySelector('#out').innerHTML = res[t].data; } function init(){ document.querySelector('#inp').onchange = function(e) { var FLVworker = new Worker('workerFLV.js'); FLVworker.addEventListener('message', function(e) { if ( != 'nop'){ res.push(; } else { var tmp={};[res.length].name+" isn't a FLV file !"; res.push(tmp); } if (res.length < fileinput.length){ ind++; FLVworker.postMessage(fileinput[ind]); } else { document.getElementById("inp").style.display="none"; for (var k=0; k<res.length; k++){ new_element = new Option(fileinput[k].name, k, false, true); document.getElementById("opt").options[document.getElementById("opt").options.length] = new_element; } document.querySelector("#opt").selectedIndex=0; document.querySelector("#opt").style.display="block"; document.querySelector('#out').innerHTML = ""; document.querySelector('#out').innerHTML = res[0].data; } }, false);; FLVworker.postMessage(fileinput[ind]); } } </script> </head> <body onload="init()"> <center> <input id="inp" type="file" multiple> <br> <select size="1" id="opt" onchange="change_ind(document.getElementById('opt').options.selectedIndex)"></select> <br> <textarea id="out" rows="40" cols="120">And then ? Choose some FLV Files ... </textarea> </center> <script type="text/javascript"> document.querySelector('#inp').onchange = function(e) { var ind=0; var res=[]; var fileinput=[]; } </script> </body> </html>