File: demos/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2/bower_components/datatables-plugins/integration/font-awesome/dataTables.fontAwesome.css

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File: demos/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2/bower_components/datatables-plugins/integration/font-awesome/dataTables.fontAwesome.css
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Blapy
jQuery plugin to load linked pages using AJAX
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Last change: Update of demos/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2/bower_components/datatables-plugins/integration/font-awesome/dataTables.fontAwesome.css
Date: 2 years ago
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/*! * DataTables + Font Awesome integration * License: MIT - */ /* * Sort styling */ table.dataTable thead th { position: relative; background-image: none !important; /* Remove the DataTables bootstrap integration styling */ } table.dataTable thead th.sorting:after, table.dataTable thead th.sorting_asc:after, table.dataTable thead th.sorting_desc:after { position: absolute; top: 12px; right: 8px; display: block; font-family: FontAwesome; } table.dataTable thead th.sorting:after { content: "\f0dc"; color: #ddd; font-size: 0.8em; padding-top: 0.12em; } table.dataTable thead th.sorting_asc:after { content: "\f0de"; } table.dataTable thead th.sorting_desc:after { content: "\f0dd"; } div.dataTables_scrollBody table.dataTable thead th.sorting:after, div.dataTables_scrollBody table.dataTable thead th.sorting_asc:after, div.dataTables_scrollBody table.dataTable thead th.sorting_desc:after { content: ""; } /* In Bootstrap and Foundation the padding top is a little different from the DataTables stylesheet */ table.table thead th.sorting:after, table.table thead th.sorting_asc:after, table.table thead th.sorting_desc:after { top: 8px; } /* * DataTables style pagination controls */ div.dataTables_paginate a.paginate_button.first, div.dataTables_paginate a.paginate_button.previous { position: relative; padding-left: 24px; } div.dataTables_paginate, div.dataTables_paginate a.paginate_button.last { position: relative; padding-right: 24px; } div.dataTables_paginate a.first:before, div.dataTables_paginate a.previous:before { position: absolute; top: 8px; left: 10px; display: block; font-family: FontAwesome; } div.dataTables_paginate, div.dataTables_paginate a.last:after { position: absolute; top: 8px; right: 10px; display: block; font-family: FontAwesome; } div.dataTables_paginate a.first:before { content: "\f100"; } div.dataTables_paginate a.previous:before { content: "\f104"; } div.dataTables_paginate { content: "\f105"; } div.dataTables_paginate a.last:after { content: "\f101"; } /* * Bootstrap and foundation style pagination controls */ div.dataTables_paginate li.first > a, div.dataTables_paginate li.previous > a { position: relative; padding-left: 24px; } div.dataTables_paginate > a, div.dataTables_paginate li.last > a { position: relative; padding-right: 24px; } div.dataTables_paginate li.first a:before, div.dataTables_paginate li.previous a:before { position: absolute; top: 6px; left: 10px; display: block; font-family: FontAwesome; } div.dataTables_paginate a:after, div.dataTables_paginate li.last a:after { position: absolute; top: 6px; right: 10px; display: block; font-family: FontAwesome; } div.dataTables_paginate li.first a:before { content: "\f100"; } div.dataTables_paginate li.previous a:before { content: "\f104"; } div.dataTables_paginate a:after { content: "\f105"; } div.dataTables_paginate li.last a:after { content: "\f101"; } /* In Foundation we don't want the padding like in bootstrap */ div.columns div.dataTables_paginate li.first a:before, div.columns div.dataTables_paginate li.previous a:before, div.columns div.dataTables_paginate a:after, div.columns div.dataTables_paginate li.last a:after { top: 0; }