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Class Author Days
JavaScript Monitor URL Changes

Display the status of accessing a URL in a page
By United Kingdom 2
JS Marker Clusterer Helper

Display markers on a map that may show as clusters
By Hungary 3
JavaScript CORS Request

Get remote page via DOM without CORS restrictions
By Benin 4
JavaScript Color Object

Create and manipulate color values
By United Kingdom 5
Lorem Image Cryptonator
Embed encoded text in images using steganography
By Austria 9
Zebra Date Picker
jQuery plugin to let the user pick dates
By Romania 31
Super Mario Maker Profile
Retrieve a Super Mario Maker profile
By Brazil 43
Node Input Validator
Validate submitted input values in Node.js
By India 45
Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
By Latvia 53
jQuery plugin to load linked pages using AJAX
By France 59