Latest WebcodeCam JS: Accuracy lagging in webcodecam js 1.0.0

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Latest WebcodeCam JS


by Karthik - 5 years ago (2015-08-18)

Accuracy lagging in webcodecam js 1.0.0

This request is clear and relevant.
This request is not clear or is not relevant.


Looking for updated Webcodecam js for scanning all bar codes instantly and accurately.

Ask clarification

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WebCodeCamJS : Scan barcodes and qrcodes with a Webcam

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by Manuel Lemos Reputation 200 - 5 years ago (2015-09-08) Comment

There is a newer version incompatible with the previous that is being updated regularly.

If you have questions or support request, it is better to ask the author in the package support forum

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  • 1. by hai hoang - 9 months ago (2019-12-10) Reply

    can we using rear camera? thanks

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