Title: Object-Oriented JavaScript

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Object-Oriented JavaScript


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Stoyan Stefanov



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July 24, 2008



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September 22, 2010
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
JavaScript is a language that became increasingly popular, not only because it is the standard scripting language for all Web browsers, but also because it started being used on other less usual environments like the server side and in databases.

Many libraries have been written to simplify the lives of JavaScript developers. Most of the mature JavaScript libraries use the Object Oriented techniques to avoid problems like name collision between variables and functions of the different components of the libraries.

The way you create objects in JavaScript is somewhat different from other languages like Java, C++, C#, Python, PHP, etc.. This book talks about all you need to know to do Object Oriented Programming in the JavaScript way. Let me give an overview of the structure of the book.

On the introductory chapter, it starts by talking a bit about the history of JavaScript. Then it moves onto describing Object Oriented Programming concepts in general.

The second and third chapters introduce basic concepts of JavaScript, such as data types, arrays, flow control structures and functions.

Chapter 4 introduces the use of objects in JavaScript making a parallel with arrays. It also covers several types of objects built-in the language.

Chapter 5 focus entirely on using the function objects' built-in prototype property as a means to emulate the concept of classes of objects present in other languages.

Chapter 6 covers possible approaches to implement one of the most important concepts of Object Oriented Programming: inheritance. It covers prototype chaining and multiple inheritance among other aspects.

At the end of the book, it talks a bit more specifically of aspects about using JavaScript on the browsers, like the DOM (Document Object Model), browser events, and AJAX (XMLHttpRequest object).

The last chapter focus on coding styles and well-known design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, Decorator and Observer.

The Object Oriented Programming approach is very important to organize your code better and make it easy to organize and reuse components of code among the same or different projects.

However, many JavaScript programmers do not use the Object Oriented approach probably because they do not reckon these advantages or maybe because they simple are not sure of how to implement Object Oriented concepts in JavaScript.

This book addresses these issues by explaining how to implement all the necessary Object Oriented Programming concepts in JavaScript.

If you want to learn how to do proper Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript, this book is an excellent choice to get you started.
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