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h1. HTML5 Input Range Polyfill/Unobtrusive Accessible Slider

An Unobtrusive Accessible Slider script that can also be used as an HTML5 Input Range polyfill solution .

h2. At a glance

* The script can be used as an HTML5 range polyfill solution
* Introduces a gradient filled "range bar" for quick visual feedback
* iOS Touch screen friendly
* Arrives with a new CSS3 skin that degrades gracefully in older browsers
* Unobtrusive & namespace friendly
* Conforms to the WAI-ARIA defined role of “slider”
* Keyboard accessible

h2. Quick Demos 

* "Mixed HTML5 polyfill and Javascript API demo":
* "Using yepnope and Modernizr to load dependencies only when required for HTML5 polyfills":
* "CSS generated content tooltip extension":

h2. More Information

More information can be found within an "associated blog post":